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Well-trained and effective teachers are central to tackling the huge problem facing our education system today.
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The extremely “exam” oriented approach of our education system merely prepares children for exams – and not to develop a deep understanding of any subject. Schools are faced with a huge challenge of recruiting talented teachers due to a huge gap between demand and supply. High attrition, another bane of the education industry, forces educational institutions to not invest in teacher training on a continual basis. These have led to an overall decline in teaching standards in schools.

CTD’s innovative solution to these problems is Cloud-Tutors – live, online classes delivered directly into classrooms by IITians who have committed themselves to K-12 education. The model uses intelligent breakdown of work between CTD’s online tutors and the school’s resident teachers to achieve optimal “learnability”.  Teaching by CTD’s tutors is highly practical, experiential and one that connects every concept to real life applications. The school’s teachers reinforce concepts by concentrating on rigour and practice.

Up to 55% of India’s 260 million school children attend government schools, according to 2015-16 education data. One in six teaching positions in government schools is vacant, a collective shortage of a million teachers. Several states have a shortage of 33 – 70% in their schools. Lack of regular recruitment, bungled deployment of teachers and lack of specialist teachers for certain subjects are but some of the problems plaguing government schools. The problem of quantity is in itself such a large one that the problem of quality is almost always entirely ignored.

CTD works with corporates to design and deploy bespoke CSR programs in education that are impactful and which complement or fill in the gaps in the social value chain that the corporate envisages to operate in. CTD leverages technology extensively by way of delivering coaching to students in government schools using virtual classrooms.

The curriculum of B.Ed. course is largely focussed on pedagogy alone with little emphasis on improving or establishing tight linkages with subject knowledge. This results in student-teachers gaining theoretical knowledge of pedagogical techniques without ever getting to apply them in teaching of subjects. High quality teaching demands more than both good content knowledge and good pedagogical knowledge: it requires a consideration of how specific characteristics of the content might influence one’s pedagogy, and vice versa, for optimal “learnability”.

CTD’s programs for student-teachers bridge the gap between pedagogy and  subject knowledge expertise. Our programs are designed specifically keeping pre-service teachers in mind and the curriculum they cover in their B.Ed. course. Our program supplements and complements the courses covered during the B.Ed. course.


A teacher should be a collaborator who facilitates learning rather than a pedantic instructor who imparts bookish knowledge to students. A Teacher-Student interaction should no longer be a one-way monologue but a two-way exchange of ideas. Rather than focusing only on imparting textbook knowledge, it is imperative that teachers teach their students how to “apply knowledge”.  “Learning to learn” is an important skill that teachers need to help students acquire in order to get them ready to face the myriad challenges of a constantly changing world.

Our in-service teachers’ training programs are designed keeping exactly the above philosophy in mind.They focus on training teachers on primary, secondary and high-school level Science and Mathematics using CTD’s unique content and methodology. They are structured as easy-to-complete multi-level modules for teachers to gain command over these subjects.


Meaningful use of technology to empower students to learn from the best

Cloud-Tutors is an innovative technology-enabled solution for schools to address the ever growing problems faced by them in providing top-quality education to their students. Cloud-Tutors is a revolutionary idea of beaming live classes directly into classrooms by expert teachers, mostly IITians, who complement and supplement the teaching done by the school’s teachers by using intelligent breakdown of lesson-plans to provide seamless teaching to students. Cloud-Tutors uses experts who not only have a mastery over the subject but also understand the challenges of making students ready to cope in an increasingly competitive world. Our teachers are backed by our own team of content creators who have expertise in creating educational content using our unique methodology that is bench-marked against the best in the world.

Live classes are telecast as per a pre-determined schedule. Schools login and project the live classes on a screen in a classroom. Live classes are interactive allowing for 2-way communication. This ensures immediate doubt clarification. Live classes are recorded and stored on the cloud for viewing again at any time by the school.

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Student-teachers continue to use ideas received during the training program conducted by Connecting The Dots even after they commenced their teaching profession. The enthusiasm and interest generated in the classroom by these training sessions will stay with them when they teach their students.   Assistant Director - Government College for Teacher Education, Belgaum
The training sessions seamlessly combined subject matter with the process of teaching. A lot of planning and expertise in their subject areas was very evident. In spite of being a teacher for over 15 years, I was humbled by what I learnt in the training; or rather what I had not known all these years.   High School Teacher, Government School, Dharwad
It's a pity that it is not possible to give hundred stars to CTD's instructors and their training. I am now filled with renewed enthusiasm and vigour to go back and teach my students. Thumbs up !!   High School Teacher, Government School, Mysore
Connecting The Dots is our partners who combine a strong passion for improving the quality of Science and Maths teaching for under-privileged children. I feel convinced that they are making a positive and lasting impression on these children. Their programs will give these children a great chance at becoming competitive.   Managing Trustee, Open Door Foundation
We learnt new ways of introducing concepts and linking the lessons with other subjects. We also learnt simple methods of explaining concepts. Explanation was superb, very informative and activity oriented. The methods if implemented in classrooms will initiate logical thinking among the students. CTD's trainers excel in taking teachers from “the known to the unknown”.   Physics Teacher, PPC School Bangalore
Cloud-Tutors classes have made a positive impact on the learning outcomes of our students. Many students who earlier feared Science and Mathematics now seem to enjoy these subjects.   School Principal, CBSE School, Bangalore
CTD is doing a very good job which will help all future teachers. All B.Ed. college students should undergo their training along with their B.Ed. course.   Student-Teacher R.I.E., Mysore
I have been searching for such training programs before becoming a teacher. This has enhanced my knowledge and I have more confidence in becoming a teacher. It will be of help for my career. I want to thank Connecting The Dots who conducted this training.   Student-Teacher, New Horizon B. Ed. College, Bangalore
These training sessions were the best Science and Maths sessions I have ever attended. I realised that my understanding of these subjects had been incomplete all these years. Such programs are a must for all B.Ed. students and future teachers.   Student-Teacher, Siddarameshwar B. Ed. college, Dharwad
Gnanadeepa program has made a difference to our students in demonstration classes, planning & designing instructional material and lesson plans.   The Principal of MES B.Ed. College, Bangalore
CTD is simply awesome. I have never learnt Maths and Science this way. The teachers of CTD teach concepts in a simple manner and emphasise the application using innovative but easy to conduct experiments and demos. I am in love with Maths and Science for the first time.   VII Grade Student, SSRVM School
I grew up hating Physics and Maths. After the sessions by Connecting the Dots I wish I had teachers like these in middle and high school.   X grade student in Samhita Academy, Bangalore

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