About Us

Connecting The Dots (CTD) was established by professionals from diverse backgrounds with a common passion to enrich the teaching of Science & Mathematics in our schools. CTD was established on two core principles:

To improve the quality of education

Science and Mathematics should be made more practical, hands-on and fun. Boundaries around various disciplines have to be softened so that students can get an integrated and seamless understanding of concepts. The “rote-learning” practice in most schools and the extremely “exam” oriented approach of our education system merely prepares children to pass exams – and not to develop a deep understanding or appreciation of any subject. Emphasis on application of concepts will teach students the skill of “learning to learn” and prepare them to solve tomorrow’s problems.

To improve access to top-quality education 

Upper middle class, urban students studying in English medium premium-private school usually have access to good teachers. Their parents can also pay for expensive coaching. Access to top-quality education is usually compromised for students in smaller towns and villages, those from modest economic background or those studying in vernacular medium.

CTD aims to provide an affordable choice of top-quality learning to such students. Cloud-Tutors is CTD’s online learning platform.